Each person’s perception of reality and the subjective experience of time can be said to be the hub of this solo exhibition of seven works by Ola Nilsson. The works in the exhibition span a period of five years. These works highlight common issues that illustrate the wider picture of Ola Nilsson’s oeuvre. Thematically, the exhibition touches on issues of language, identity and communication.
The exhibition at Studio 44 includes installations, objects, and audio- and textart.

Issues and concepts in the exhibition relate to time and space in different ways: time’s significance in the creative enhanced process, the impact of structures on our awareness of time, the relation between time and memory, but also tomorrow’s fluid essence and impact on a room which can at one moment be filled by a chair, only to later be occupied by a table.

The understanding of time and concepts of time are intimately linked to language development within the individual. It is about the ability to divide one’s attention and to keep several experiences in one’s mind, to switch focus between past, present and future, and to be able to formulate this. Through language and communication the experience of the subject transforms into a person in a context. But this ability to divide attention can also be said to originate from the same basis as the ability to imagine something that does not exist in reality.

Pictures from the exhibition: