lek o lögn.

Lek & Lögn (Play & Lies) – about games and their mechanisms (2006).

The aim of the game Lek & Lögn is to guess which ball will be the first to reach the goal.
If you manage to figure out the system of the game, you become a winner by knowing which ball you should go for every time.
This is a seemingly simple marble game with one ball in each lane; fastest ball wins.
You play to win, but what mechanisms make you a winner in this game?
Designed to make the participant play with joy, it is a game both theoretic and seductive.
Concepts such as winner/loser, made visible/invisible, intrigues, pacts, happiness, the dream of happiness, but also having fun while gaming and a lot more fit in the realm of game.

Lek & Lögn has been shown in several exhibitions and projects as listed below.


Lek & Lögn at exhibition Get Set!/Virserums konsthall, 2009 → more

Lek & Lögn at exhibition Get Set!/ Studio 44, Stockholm 2008 → more

Lek & Lögn at project Konst med alla sinnen (Art with all your senses), Stockholm 2008 link →

Lek & Lögn at Konstepidemin, Gothenburg 2006 → more