Artistbook Kända och Okända Kroppars Utbredning (Known and Unknown Bodies Extension), 2013
Material: Birchplywood, medium density fiberboard, printed matter
Publisher: biondibooks
Release at Rönells Antikvariat 2013 → link

In the artistbook Kända och Okända Kroppars Utbredning (Known and Unknown Bodies Extension) I work with three deceased relatives as representatives of the Other. What is the relation with people who no longer exists? Can you talk about interaction? I introduce them in my work by retelling memories and dreams in relation to them. It is my language, my choice of words, my stories. This means that the project has a form of narrative structure as structural elements.

Who were they, who are they? Herein lies a shift that is substantial in my work and that is deeply linked to the unique relationship between people: the change from who we were and who we are. By telling memories, the mapping of my family reveals my image of them and ultimately reveals myself.

From the bookstand at Malmö Konsthall