åskspel för en byggnad och en stubbrot (thunderplay for a building and a stump root), 2020
Sound sculpture at Rotundan, Kalmar konstmuseum. Rotundan is a closed exhibition room where visitors take part in the exhibition from the outside.

Technique: Looped sound file 10:30 min, media player, amplifier, loudspeaker system
Material: Stump root from a pine, building material, fabric, printed matter → pdf
Text from Naturkrafterna och deras användning by engineer Wilhelm Beck, Svenska
Tryckeriaktiebolaget, Stockholm 1913. Excerpts from the section Den atmosfäriska luftelektriciteten, p 78 – 85.

thunderplay for a building and a stump root can be read as a sonic fiction. The work is a simulacrum made up of several thunderstorms with lightning, thunder and rain, the qualities of which may, depending on the circumstances, on the one hand enhance an actually ongoing thunderstorm, on the other hand be in conflict with a sunny summer’s day in the same place. Viewed as a performance, there are references to the mechanical thunder machines which were included a stage props in theaters from the 18th Ct onwards.

Displayed in Rotundan,                                               Printed matter, folded/unfolded
Kalmar konstmuseum 2020
Soundsample (1.18 min) 

In thunderplay for a building and a stump root I use the shudder of the building to create an atmospheric work. I envisage the building material functioning as a membrane between the sound inside the building and the listener outside and have made use of the qualities which arise from that. I have e.g., used low-frequency sound in order to register the propagation of the sound in the building’s structure. Since 2017, I have been exploring the shudder or vibration; as thought form, state or from purely physical aspects.

From the opening at Rotundan, Kalmar konstmuseum