Gränser och Övergångar

Boundaries and Transitions (2017)
Installation/Text-soundart, Norrtälje konsthall 2017
Technique: Digital sound file, 43 min, 2 overhead projectors, programmed light show, 1 media player, 2 loudspeakers, 1 amplifier
Material: Tufted frissé rug from model of apartment sketch, 10 x 10 metres, Cromojet/Colaris, 4 MRI brain-scanning images, Epson print on overhead film
Photo: Nils Agdler.
Reading: Jorun Kugelberg

Artist Book: Boundaries and Transitions (2017)
Publisher: biondibooks

Soundsample (4.40 min)

”A sketchy blueprint of an apartment scale 1:1 in the form of a carpet is lying on the floor of the museum. The sketch also contains furniture and fixtures that show signs of alterations and adjustments in terms of scale, size, placement and furnishing. In this way, the blueprint becomes a kind of noteboard and a drawing recording the work process, illustrating the porousness of memory. During the reading, the description of the interior is mixed with letters, written-down dreams and detailed plans for a pantheistic 1800th Ct. garden. The varying texts evoke parallel worlds that as a whole tell a story of change, unconscious motives, opportunities, obstacles and the dynamism of the human imagination. The artist book which is part of the exhibition details the work with the text of Boundaries and Transitions by deletions; versions of what finally becomes the original.”
(From the exhibition catalogue at Norrtälje konsthall).


During the exhibition period, the public was invited to listen to a talk between Christina Kullberg, assoc prof/researcher in French at Uppsala University and translator of Edouard Glissant´s ”Poetics of Relation” and myself.


Artist Book, publisher: biondibooks, bookbinder: Tryckkammaren → link



From the exhibition