Knock, knock

Knock, knock – who’s there? (Séance machine, 2008)
Turntables, metal wire, ping pong balls, motion detector, shelves
Installation measure varies

In Knock, knock – who’s there? message code as it occurs for instance in Morse or in shamanic drumming was the source of the work. Both examples are based on rhythm to work, but there the similarity ends. While Morse code is a precise logical system where the risk of distortion is small, shamanic drumming is an experience-based staging of communication with what we usually do not perceive – the other side. In the early twentieth century, séances were an attempt to connect with the spirit world. Often the spirits performed through messages that were knocked out.

Knock, knock – who´s there? has been exhibited at:
– 4th Edition International Cultural Happening Teramo, Italy 2008
– Studio44
– Dramaten, project Transit – Intermediate, 2009 pressrelease → link