cold rolled/theWhale

Cold rolled steel sheet exposing/the Whale (2019)

Unprocessed cold-rolled 1,5 mm steel sheet, Spraymax Clear Cote Matte, Buttkicker Concert, Buttkicker Power amplifier BKA 1000-4, mediaplayer Brightsign HD223, digital soundfile
Measure: 700 x 2400 x 350 mm

Cold rolled steel sheet exposing/4 – 100Hz (2018) → read more

The kinetic sound-sculpture “Cold rolled steel sheet exposing/…” is both situated in the room but also a room in itself. A closed entity. In this work I examine whether the trembling sound and appearance could modify the bodily experienced room. And if so, in what way? I use the machinery to question it´s own physical qualities; what is this steel sheet, this construction and machine able to perform?

”Cold rolled steel sheet exposing/…” originally started out as a site-specific object in the project (x)sites Kattegattleden 2018 (read more). However, over time I´ve started to consider it more as an instrument and as such, starting to compose different soundart pieces. Thereby also transferring it from an outdoor specific public site to more of a gallery context. It rises questions about how to present it as well as how to deal with the new sonic surrounding.

Soundsample (1.27 min)

First presentation indoors was at Fylkingen in the program of the international conference ’Media Matter: Media-Archaeological Research and Artistic Practice’, hosted by the Department of Media Studies and the Department of Culture and Aesthetics at Stockholm University.
I presented the work Cold rolled steel sheet exposing/the Whale.
Other participating artists: Lina Selander and Oskar Mangione, Jin Sangtae and Joel Danielsson and Louise Öhman.

Fylkingen event → link

Media Matter: Media-Archaeological Research and Artistic Practice at Fylkingen 2019